2019 brand creation & business launch

Branding development and full creation for Vancouver arts and entertainment company, Osito Events

- Brand creation

- Logo development

- Business card

- Website design

Bear logo process-1-01.png

original creative direction & concept developed by Jennifer Lynch and Jesse Sugarman

commissioned sketched bear original artwork by Christine Lynch

Bear logo process-1-02.png

rendered graphic art and all further development by Jennifer Lynch

OSITO Business Card FRONT-01.png
OSITO Business Card BACK-01.png

The word OSITO translates from Spanish to English as 'Little Bear'. It is a pet name given to a partner, who ran away to Ibiza, by the boy who followed to get her back – it's a word of love


The concept further developed into "Party Bear", breathing life into a little bear that danced all night and hibernated all day, giving a real life story to a loveable teddy bear, scruffy and worn on the edges (single button eye), but always soft hearted and loveable (patched up hole, and stitched back together. 

Adding a touch of playfulness, the helium balloon was added to remind our adult selves to not always take life so seriously, and as a reminder of joyful celebrations as children, spreading love across a dance floor.